Win a bag of goodies and a bottle of Moet from Virgin Voyages

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It’s been a long year and we’ve all been itching to get out of the house and out to sea. Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady will do just that, setting sail starting 9 August 2021 on a homecoming tour off the English coast on three and four-night voyages. Sailors on board will get a taste of Virgin Voyages’ all-new, adult-by-design experience, offering: dining from refined to relaxed casual at over 20 eateries; a focus on wellness and fitness, with Yoga, meditation, cycling, HIIT classes, and more included; and itineraries designed with late night stays and overnights at some of the most enticing destinations in the Caribbean (starting in October 2021) and the Mediterranean (starting in 2022).

Those who sail in 2021 are rewarded as part of a special group who will help Virgin Voyages turn their already gorgeous sailing experience into an unmatched and transformative way to explore the world. And in doing so, if they’re up for giving a quick bit of feedback that will help shape Virgin Voyages’ future, they’ll be rewarded with unrivaled perks in their future.

  • An extra $125 when they purchase a pre-paid bar tab*
  • $300 off their next sailing in 2022
  • An exclusive, limited-run welcome gift — just for Sea-Blazers

Additionally, those who plan ahead can take advantage of the Book Early and Save discount for up to 10% off voyage fare.

As always, over $600 in value is always included: Wifi, all tips, dining, group fitness classes and more…

The prize

We’re celebrating Scarlet Lady’s tour by giving away a Virgin Voyages goodie bag, complete with a canvas tote, towel, tea-infusing water bottle and a bottle of Moet.

Join Seacademy

Learn the ropes of selling sailings to your clients. Complete tiers of lessons to gain confidence and comfort to Raise Your Sales, while earning valuable rewards (and boost your chances of winning). Every tier earns you a knot, and your level of knot-iness speaks to your mastery of Virgin Voyages.

How to enter

Make sure you’re registered as a First Mate with Virgin Voyages and complete the Scarlet and Violet tiers of Seacademy, then fill out the entry form below!

Hint: The answer to the question can be found here.

Closing date: Aug 9, 2021, the day Scarlet Lady sets sail from Portsmouth!

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