Travel agents ‘worth their weight in gold’ amid airport disruption

Travel agents are “worth their weight in gold” in helping clients navigate airport disruption.

The message was issued by Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association president Mike Tibbert ahead of the peak period for summer holiday departures.

In advice to travelling families, Tibbert said: “It goes without saying, that our most important piece of advice to travellers is to use a travel agent.

“Although Scotland is not experiencing the scenes which we have seen in some English airports, travel is more fluid than ever before with daily changes to timetables.

“Knowing the state of play in Scotland is not enough for travellers, they need to full picture in their destination and any stop off points too and this is where a travel agent is worth their weight in gold.

“For many travellers who have experienced changes to their holiday, they first heard this news from their travel agent.

“A travel agent can do what no computer or app can do and can anticipate their clients’ requirements.”

The SPAA insisted that Scottish airports are running much more smoothly than their English counterparts and warned that turning up many hours ahead of check-in time can cause congestion.

“Hundreds of passengers turning up much earlier than their check-in time create[s] congestion,” the association added.

“Many Scots haven’t flown out on holiday since 2019 and have collectively ‘forgotten’ about the restrictions on liquids which you can take in hand luggage onboard.

“Inspection and removal of liquids at security can create congestions so be prepared and know what you can and can’t take.”

The comments came after the SPAA reported that agents are “worn out” by the workload of cancellations, amendments and long call wait times – combined with recruitment challenges and rising costs.

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