Just a Drop slates government’s foreign aid budget cut

Just a Drop is calling on the government to reverse its decision to cut the foreign aid budget, describing the move as “truly concerning” and “deeply troubling”.

The water aid charity – which is supported by the travel industry – said it is “alarmed” at the cut from 0.7% of Gross National Income to 0.5%.

Fiona Jeffery, chair of Just a Drop, said: “Whilst the government decision is particularly hard for the communities we work with, the broader implications of these aid cuts are truly concerning for the charity sector and communities around the world.

“Whilst the pandemic rages on and progress of vaccination is dangerously slow in many lower-income countries, the decision to slash the foreign aid budget is short-sighted and dangerous.

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“I hope the government realise the profound implications these cuts will have on communities across the world and reverse their decision. To do so makes strategic, financial and above all, moral sense.”

She urged the charity’s supporters to consider writing to their MP about the issue if they agree that the UK government should reverse its decision.

As well as leading to a “huge reduction in the delivery of safe water, sanitation and hygiene across the world”, the decision will delay progress towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which should be reached by 2030.

These goals tackle issues such as climate and biodiversity; global health security; girls’ education; conflict resolution; and economic development and trade.

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