Chillimix unveils slogan to emphasise LGBTQ+ support

LGBTQ+ holiday specialist Chillimix has unveiled a slogan to emphasise its support of the LGBTQ+ community.

The operator, which only offers trips to “LGBTQ+ safe destinations”, hopes the ‘Free to be you, proud to be you, safe to be you’ campaign will ensure a strong market understanding of the brand.

Chillimix is also launching an LGBTQ+ sales tools hub which it hopes will help the industry sell its products in a “confident and educated manner”.

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Scott Tyrer, operations director, said: “We launched Chillimix in 2020 during the pandemic and we have seen incredible growth to date.

“During our soft-launch phase we have built a fantastic product team that has secured exclusive relationships with suppliers and we have expanded our portfolio to include city breaks, cruises, LGBTQ+ cruises, beach holidays, adventure holidays and more.

“Our primary focus is to ensure that all travel agents and consumers know that Chillimix only offers destinations and products where our LGBTQ+ community is quite simply free to be themselves, proud to be themselves, and they can rest assured they are 100% safe to be themselves.

“We are now ready to expand exponentially and we are partnering with leading consortia in the UK and independent travel agents.”

Managing director David McDonald said: “Free to be you, proud to be you, safe to be you is a really important message for us and encompasses our true values at Chillimix.

“We are committed to supporting the UK travel industry to ensure they know we are only a phone call away to ask advice and support for any questions concerning safe destinations.

“The world is wide and so it can seem quite daunting to understand every single country’s policies on LGBTQ+ acceptance and legal status. While we must be patient for the world as a whole to be inclusive, Chillimix is available to assist everyone with any questions of queries.”

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